Mud Run

This past weekend Gear West hosted a very muddy mud run.  Unofficially I was 2nd place, very unofficially 3rd place.  A friend of mine and City of Lakes Loppet guru John Swain pulled away from me with about a mile to go… watch out, he is fit right now!  Slightly bettering our times but missing the start was Orono running star Wyatt Doop.  He had prom the night before and went to bed at 5:30am only to get up and race at 8:30.  I wish he had made the start because I think John and he could have had a great battle.  Up next on my schedule is the Gear West Duathlon on May 23rd.

Also, last night Jan and Kathy brought me to a sweet workout at CrossFit in Wayzata… I’m going to be sore; my motor is stronger than my muscles right now.