Birkie Fever


This time of year the ski community gets a “Fever,” and the craziness that ensues can only be brought upon by the Birkie. People panic about skis, waxing, feeds and logistics. I try to put off the “fever” as long as possible. I try to fly under the radar and remain as relaxed as possible.


This year it has been easy for me to find distraction outside skiing and put off getting the “fever.” Marybeth has shingles so I have been helping with the kids more, although she still does more than she should. Samantha crawled today for the first time! It is more of a lunge and belly flop, but she moves. I even did an interview this week with a reporter from the Washington Post.

However, I know the “fever” is coming… hopefully not until Saturday morning,


Make sure to cheer for our family friends Grant, Dave, Josie and Karl Nelson. They will be the Birkie warriors, Inga and baby prince.